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Application of gibbscam software system in the processing of large parts

Customer Name: Bucyrus company

problem: it is difficult to set up large workpieces during installation, and it is difficult to estimate the processing time

solution: gibbscam software

effect: it supports elbows, simplifies the processing of raw materials, and outputs the report

the machined parts during final assembly may weigh 16.8 million pounds, and all are spread out for as long as a football field, The assembly difficulty is far more difficult than that faced by ordinary workshops

in the installation process, it is often necessary to repeatedly set and change the installation program, move and place these huge workpieces. These difficulties are far more difficult than complex geometric problems and other product problems

let's look at a case. Bucyrus international, located in Milwaukee City in the southeast of Wisconsin, USA, is a manufacturer of mining machinery for coal, mine and oil opencast

bucyrus international uses gibbscam software, which greatly reduces the number of processing operations required, thus shortening the downtime spent on readjusting large machined parts

in addition, the simulation function of gibbscam software helps to avoid the damage of valuable parts. At the same time, its reporting function can also help the workshop estimate the processing time and the cost of parts

in addition to the three years from 1942 to 1945, 60% of the company's products jointly developed innovative, environmentally friendly and sustainable adhesive technology and new utilization for the production of military products, since its establishment in 1880, Bucyrus has been committed to the production of excavators, cable bucket shovels (an excavator) and drilling machines

80% of the company's sales area is not in the United States. It is said that the company can survive and develop in the fierce competition thanks to its success in the open pit mining field in the past 75 years and the successful acquisition of competitors

one of the successful acquisitions was the acquisition of DBT GmbH, a German mining equipment company, in 2007. This acquisition expanded the business scope of Bucyrus to the underground mining field and increased the total number of employees to 6000

since 1893, the headquarters of Bucyrus company was set up in Milwaukee, southern Wisconsin, USA. now the headquarters has nearly 1400 employees

the total number includes 7 programmers who provide technical support for more than 25 CNC machine tools in the workshop. These machine tools mainly manufacture and produce all equipment parts and accessories for Bucyrus company and the companies it has acquired

although the workshop is equipped with a variety of medium to large HMC (horizontal machining center), VMC (vertical machining center) and lathes, the CNC center for allocating large parts is a pair of the same Ingersoll machine tools

this frame is a welded part welded by multiple steel plates. After welding, the frame is sand blasted and painted, and then transported to the assembly line. The assembly line has been marked before processing to ensure that all surfaces have sufficient materials to reach the finished size

bucyrus uses the data report plug-in to extract gibbscam data, so as to refine all operations, accurately estimate workload, and generate complete settings, tools, and process sheets

innse Aries 3 horizontal boring machine. These large machine tools are equipped with a 130 HP spindle engine, with an X-axis travel of 670 feet and a Y-axis travel of 216 feet; There are Z-axis and W-axis; There are also dozens of tool handles, automatic tool changing devices and tool feeding devices. Bucyrus uses SolidWorks software for part modeling and Cadra software for 2D drawing

programmers import the models built by SolidWorks software and the geometric figures designed by Cadra software into gibbscam software to generate NC code. "Sometimes we have to use drawings from the 1920s to make parts for customers who use old machine tools," said Jim Koehler, workshop programming director. "In my memory, we have never disappointed customers who need parts."

when the CAD model cannot be used, the programmer uses gibbscam to create geometry. Most parts and components are relatively simple in terms of geometry. 2.3 stars: the only thing you like is plastic 5-axis processing. However, Mr. Koehler said that in his department, simple geometry does not mean that it is easy for computers to recognize

in addition to finding ways to reduce the downtime spent on setting up workpieces, programmers are also responsible for developing accurate processing time estimation programs for many other departments

gibbscam software can help the workshop achieve these and more goals. We can use a case to illustrate specifically, including the production of frame and truss for a company's electric excavator

the excavator is designed to work 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. These excavators are driven by 2600 HP lifting engines and several 700 HP engines, with a total weight of more than 1400 tons. They have 67 foot long girders and can dig 120 tons of soil each time. The cab is three stories high

"these machines are the largest ones I have seen in 10 years at Bucyrus, but I have never seen a machine assembled here." Mr. Koehler said, "these machines are assembled at the mine site." The frame and truss are the two largest mechanical components in the excavator assembly

the frame is installed on the top of the mechanical track traction device (track) to support the rotating frame, which is independent of the frame through a set of gears and a huge bearing system

the truss is used as the connection point of the excavator to support the pulley system and steel cable. Mr. Koehler said that processing these steel frames would take several days

"these parts are placed on the backing plate and separated from the boring bar," he explained. "Unlike processing small workpieces, due to the limited size of the backing plate operation, we cannot use the rotary table, but turn over the parts for processing." However, turning over components is definitely not an easy task

the rectangular frame weighs 200000 pounds, is more than 30 feet long, 15 feet thick and 8 feet high. Two cranes and welded lifting lugs shall be used to lift and move the frame. Mechanical operators and other workers model by placing angle plates to meet the indicators and standards of parts

because gibbscam software supports right angle head, the workshop reduces the processing procedure from five to three, and the time for adjusting parts in different operations is shorter. As a result, the idle time of the machine is shortened by 12 hours in the processing of each frame

using gibbscam software to drive the right angle head during truss processing can also save time. The trusses, which connect the pulley system, wire rope and excavator, are more than 12 feet wide and more than 70 feet long

although it does not require a large amount of processing, the vertical setting of parts also brings great difficulties to the work. Although the parts are very long, they must be turned over once during machining, and the workshop uses right angle attachments to cut the entire parts

nevertheless, the company has achieved time and labor savings, which are equivalent to those saved on the frame. The company also relies on the simulation processing rendering function of gibbscam software to verify the tool path before processing

since the excavator of Bucyrus company is usually assembled thousands of miles away, and the damage cost of parts is very high, the knife path inspection is very important. "When programmers saw the tool path simulation rendering, they were quite confident in their own programs." Mr. Koehler said, "we promise to process only what we want and know what we do before the project starts." Gibbscam is also very helpful for the workshop in terms of estimation

the built-in reporter of the software can automatically generate a generic operation report. However, Bucyrus needs more. They use a customer report developed by Mr. Koehler

the programmer extracts all available information from the software into an Excel spreadsheet. Mr. Koehler said, "we use it to generate complete tool reports, setup reports and process reports. Through operational calculations, it shows how long it takes to make a part." The programmer customizes the functions for all 28 machine tools in the workshop

13. All control systems have high cost performance and high reliability

after establishing or changing a program, they run the built-in reporter to generate settings, tools and process tables, which are fully consistent with the program output. They then update the path system to accurately reflect the settings and run times

this data is used to determine the time required for manufacturing and the cost of parts. "It's great!" Mr. Koehler said, "this information is very important. We get it from gibbscam software. There is no other operation or time to study the structural plane."

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