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Application of heat shrinkable film in daily chemical packaging

"in daily chemical packaging, although some customers will bring their own products packed with transparent shrinkable film in shopping bags, which has a good display effect, how to select the heat shrinkable film suitable for daily chemical packaging is the primary consideration."

the products packed with transparent shrink film in the daily chemical packaging have good display effect. The trademarks, icons and packaged materials are clearly visible, beautiful and tidy. The test method for specific surface area of cement gb8074 (8) 7 has compact and bright shrinkage, high grade, and enhances customers' desire to buy. At the same time, it also has good functions such as moisture-proof, dust-proof, damage proof and anti opening, which attracts customers' attention. 2. Poor mobility leads to the purchase decision

guoyingying of Shanghai Jahwa said that in addition to the above advantages, color printing heat shrinkable film packaging can also print all the contents on the paper label on the shrinkable film, combining the packaging into one, which not only reduces the production cost, but also improves the work efficiency and product image. Moreover, it can be packaged individually, integrated, or group

when talking about how to make heat shrinkable film materials for daily chemical packaging, guoyingying suggested that PVC heat shrinkable film has good transparency and can be printed, and can produce various cylindrical, sheet and folded films of different sizes, which are easy to process into various shapes, but it is not suitable for heavy weight packaging due to its poor flexibility; POF heat shrinkable film is transparent, flexible and degradable; The PE heat shrinkable film has good flexibility, large tensile force and opacity, which is suitable for group packaging. The steel structure residential buildings are wider to carry heavy objects. When selecting the heat shrinkable film as the package, the heat shrinkable film of the corresponding material shall be selected according to the requirements of the package. If there are special requirements for shrinkage ratio, the problem of shrinkage ratio shall be solved through negotiation with the manufacturer, so as to achieve free application and perfection

source: Global flexible packaging industry

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