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The use of graphics in packaging design

it is necessary to create a unique style and show personality in packaging design. Graphics is a very important means of expression. It plays the role of a salesman and conveys the packaging contents to consumers through the role of vision. It has a strong visual impact and can attract consumers' attention, thus generating purchase desire

I. factors determining packaging graphics

1. Packaging graphics and packaging contents are closely related

packaging graphics can be summarized into three types: concrete graphics, semi concrete graphics and abstract graphics. They are closely related to the contents of the packaging, so as to fully convey the characteristics of the product. Otherwise, it will have no meaning, can not be associated with anything, and can not expect any effect. That will be the biggest failure of the packaging designer. In general, if the product focuses on physiology, such as eating and drinking, it focuses on the use of concrete graphics; If the product is more psychological, most of them use abstract or semi concrete graphics

2. Packaging graphics are related to the age, gender and education level of the appeal object

packaging graphics are related to the appeal object, especially when the age is under 30. When designing the product packaging graphics, we should grasp them carefully so that the designed packaging graphics can be recognized by the appeal object, so as to achieve the purpose of demand

a, age group

12 years old and below: this age group is in childhood, and tends to be subjective in recognizing and displaying graphics. For example, they are very fond of cartoon characters, semi figurative figures and those figures full of motion and interest, which is in line with the psychological characteristics of children's innocence

13-19 years old: this age group is the period of puberty. They are full of fantasy and imitation, and like idolatry, fantasy and more stylized packaging graphics

20-29 years old: the physiological development of young people after 20 years old has become mature. Gender differences are also particularly significant. They began to pay attention to the sense of value and authority, and most of them are in the employment stage, with strong judgment. They can accept packaging graphics in different forms, but they still have a fresh sense of abstract graphics

30-49 years old: most of the people in this age group have become married and established businesses. Influenced by life, occupation, economy, society and other factors, they have realistic ideas and strong positioning concepts. They like rational realism and most prefer concrete graphics

b, gender factors

men are adventurous and ambitious to conquer others; Women like Xianshu and stability. Therefore, men prefer illustrative, sci-fi and new visual forms in the expression of packaging graphics. Women, on the other hand, prefer emotional needs and prefer concrete and beautiful forms of expression. At the same time, physiological and psychological factors should also be considered

c, educational background

in the process of learning, education has changed people's ideas and temperament, as well as the criteria for judging knowledge. Due to different education levels, there are great differences in preferences for packaging forms. People with higher education are more likely to accept abstract graphics; Less educated people prefer to choose realistic figures that are easy to distinguish if the Sino US trade war continues to escalate

II. Expression form of packaging circle

in packaging design, there are mainly the following packaging graphic expression forms, which should be flexibly used in packaging design

1. Product reproduction

product reproduction enables consumers to directly understand the contents of the packaging, so as to produce visual impact and demand effects. Usually, concrete graphics or realistic photographic graphics are used. For example, in food packaging, in order to reflect the delicious feeling of food, photos of food are often printed on product packaging to deepen consumers' distinct impression and generate purchase desire

2. Association of products

"touching the scene and feeling" means that things evoke similar life experiences and thoughts and feelings. It takes feelings as the intermediary, moves from one thing to another, and thinks of the representation of another thing from the representation of one thing. Generally, the packaging drawings are designed mainly from the aspects of product appearance characteristics, product effect characteristics after use, product static and use status, product composition and packaged ingredients, product source, product story and history, origin characteristics and national customs to describe the connotation of the product, so that people can associate the contents of the packaging with the graphics

3. Symbol of the product (101) building waterproof and leak stopping materials

excellent packaging design is liked and praised, and people can't help but want to buy it. This kind of desirable factor is the symbolic effect emanating from the packaging. The function of symbol is to hint. Although it does not directly or concretely convey ideas, the function of hint is powerful and sometimes surpasses concrete expression. For example, in the packaging design of coffee, a steaming packaging graphic is used to symbolize the fragrant quality of coffee, and it also symbolizes that young men and women are indispensable drinks in love and dating, so as to attract consumers

4. Use brand or trademark as graphics

use brand or trademark as product packaging graphics to highlight the brand and enhance the credibility of product quality. Many shopping bags and cigarette packaging designs mostly use this form of packaging graphics

5. Product contrast

the so-called contrast is to highlight the opposite of things, so as to make the product image more distinct, strong and prominent

6. Product usage

generally, consumers do not understand the characteristics of new products. It is not only an indispensable basic production link for a large number of industrial and agricultural products, which requires the help of artificial methods to explain in various ways. But the best way is to work hard on packaging, using packaging graphics to express the use of products; So as to increase the persuasion of the product and arouse the interest of consumers. For example, the instant noodle package is printed with photos of the brewing process or use method, so that consumers can understand the characteristics of the product in advance

in packaging design, packaging graphics should not be isolated, but should be closely cooperated with the overall layout to make the overall visual design perfect, so as to establish a unique style

III. design of export packaging

appropriate packaging graphics should be selected according to the preferences and taboos of countries around the world

in export packaging, sensitive objects such as encoders of imported goods are often detained by local customs or rejected by local consumers because the packaging graphics violate the taboo of the importing country. Therefore, it is very important to understand the taboos of importing countries on packaging graphics in the packaging design of export products

different countries have different preferences and taboos on packaging graphics: Islamic countries prohibit the graphics of pigs, hexagonal stars, crosses, female human bodies and upturned thumbs as packaging graphics, and prefer Pentagram and crescent graphics; The Japanese think that the lotus is unlucky, the fox is cunning and greedy, and the 16 petal chrysanthemum pattern used on the Japanese royal decoration is not suitable for packaging. They like round and cherry blossom patterns; The British compare the goat to an immoral man. They regard the cock as a dirty thing and the elephant as a useless thing. They are boring. They can not be used as packaging graphics, but like shield and oak graphics; Singapore is famous for its lion city and likes lion graphics; Dog figures are taboo in Thailand, Afghanistan and North African Islamic countries; The French believe that walnuts are unlucky, and spades are the symbol of funeral; Nicaraguan and Korean people think that triangles are unlucky, which can not be used as packaging graphics; Some people in Hong Kong regard chicken as a synonym for prostitutes, so it is not suitable for bedding packaging graphics

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