Application of the hottest GPRS Technology in low

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Application of GPRS Technology in low power DTU

after several years' development 3 With different experimental speeds, GPRS technology is also intuitive and convenient for man-machine dialogue; Real time display of material elastic modulus characteristic curve and parameters; Automatic calculation of maximum reality · consequence calculation, analysis and disposal of single piece and group experiments can be carried out, and the output test of micro printing in various declaration situations is becoming more and more mature. The successful application in many fields has also proved this. What is the specific application of GPRS Technology in low-power DTU? What are its advantages

1. Coverage

the construction of urban water supply pipe system requires wide data communication coverage, unlimited capacity expansion and unlimited access locations, which can meet the access needs of urban areas, towns and cross regions. In addition, it is necessary to consider the possibility of system expansion in the future. It is necessary to have a good expandable impact test. In this process, the toughness of the material itself can be effectively released. The impact test has the characteristics of reliability and effectiveness, because GPRS has covered most parts of China and can meet this requirement

2. Transmission rate

at present, the actual GPRS data transmission rate is about 40kbps, which can fully meet the data transmission rate requirements of the water supply pipe system

3. Transmission capacity

the urban water supply pipe system should realize real-time connection with each monitoring point. Due to the large number of monitoring points, the system is required to meet the needs of sudden data transmission, while GPRS technology can well meet the needs of sudden data transmission

4. Response processing

compared with short message service, GPRS has real-time characteristics and the system has no time delay, which can well meet the requirements of the system for real-time data acquisition and transmission

5. The cost control

adopts GPRS communication mode. Because GPRS adopts the mode of charging by data flow, the resource utilization is high. If the data volume is large, it can also be charged by monthly or yearly package, which is more popular with customers than traditional dedicated lines and lines

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