Application of the hottest glass film

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Application of glass film

in hot summer, glass film can make the indoor temperature of a room lower than that of an ordinary room; In winter, it will be high and the indoor life will be more comfortable. Heat insulation reaches 85% in summer and heat preservation in winter, reducing heat loss by more than 50%, greatly saving energy consumption

the experimental theory will also continue to improve, and guide technological innovation to isolate ultraviolet rays. People and objects bathe in better quality sunlight.

glass film can block more than 99% of harmful ultraviolet rays passing through ordinary glass, which is far higher than other glass products and sunscreen. The film can be pasted to prevent ultraviolet damage, extend the service life of furniture and accessories at home, and enjoy better sunshine

improve the microcosmic and increase the visual aesthetic feeling indoors and outdoors

make use of advanced coloring technology, so that the room film can meet the requirements of different consumers for style and color during room decoration and decoration. The glass film gives the building a new and unique appearance, and the cost is low. The installation will not cause inconvenience to indoor personnel. Deep staining film, semi reflective or total reflective film, rich and complete colors and patterns. The interior is more comfortable and pleasant, and the appearance is more consistent

enhance privacy, clear vision and ease of life

the translucent or daytime single visual film installed on the inner side of the glass window not only allows light to penetrate, the landscape outside the window is clear and discernible, but also blocks others' peeping and protects the private space. With this transparent "coat" protection, you can be alone in the company or at home

it can be installed vertically, horizontally, curved, vertically and horizontally. It has a wide range of pasting routes.

it is extremely convenient to use. It can be installed vertically, horizontally, curved, and vertically. It is widely used in residential buildings, business office buildings and other public buildings, as well as automobile protection, computer radiation protection, beauty decoration and other fields

reduce glare, protect eyes and improve comfort

direct sunlight can cause fatigue, eye fatigue and distraction. The glass film is directly installed on the inner surface of the window glass, which helps to press the indenter (steel factory cone or steel ball) into the surface of the sample, correct the uneven temperature in the light intensity area and the back Yang area, and disperse the dazzling glare, making indoor personnel more comfortable at leisure and more efficient at work

prevent vandalism and thieves. The anti explosion and anti-seismic

glass film is installed on the inner surface of building glass, which can prevent natural disasters and man-made damage, form an invisible protection, reduce personal injury, protect property, and even replace the anti-theft iron fence at home. The broken glass can also be fixed in place to reduce the impact of explosion and personal injury

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