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Application of heat treatment equipment in the heat treatment of wind power transmission gear

at present, the wind power gear boxes used in China mainly include foreign companies such as GE, Weide, doctor Rexroth and Vestas, as well as the gear boxes of Nangao gear, heavy gear, heavy crane, Hangzhou gear and Erzhong

the outer gear materials of the gearbox include 17CrNiMo6, 15crni6, 20CrNi2MoA, 17Cr2Ni2MoA, etc. the final heat treatment method is usually carburization and quenching; The internal gear materials are 42CrMoA, 34cr2ni2moa, etc., which usually adopt nitriding process or high-frequency quenching process

Tianlong has a number of technical patents, which have solved the problems existing in the current carburizing quenching and nitriding processes and heat treatment equipment, and made great progress in energy saving, high efficiency, environmental protection, safety, reliability, etc. Large controllable atmosphere well type carburizing furnace production line, controllable atmosphere multipurpose furnace production line and controllable atmosphere nitriding furnace production line have been listed in the first batch of energy-saving and emission reduction key promotion products recommended by China Heat Treatment Industry Association

according to the technical requirements for heat treatment of wind power gears, we have provided large controllable atmosphere well type carburizing furnace production line, large controllable box type carburizing furnace production line, controllable atmosphere hood type nitriding furnace, controllable atmosphere box type nitriding furnace production line and other equipment to Nangao gear, Zhenhua heavy industry, Hangzhou Qianjin gearbox Group Co., Ltd., Dongfang turbine Co., Ltd., Ningbo Dongli transmission equipment Co., Ltd. From the operation of the field equipment, the temperature and atmosphere control are stable, with high precision and reliable equipment operation. All key components and parts are manufactured by foreign companies to ensure that the furnace temperature uniformity of controllable atmosphere carburizing equipment is controlled at ± 5 ℃ and the carbon potential uniformity is controlled at 0 Will change the mechanical properties by 02%; The furnace temperature uniformity of controllable atmosphere nitriding equipment shall be controlled at ± 3 ℃, and the nitrogen potential stability shall be controlled at k n ± 0.02; The surface hardness, hardened layer, metallographic structure and other heat treatment indexes of wind power gears in the value-added management of strategic emerging industries fully meet the technical requirements of product design

as of the first half of 2009, the total output value of the company has increased by 40% compared with the previous assumptions. Under the general recession of the global economic situation, Tianlong company has bucked the trend and has a bright development prospect. In april2009, the industrial standard "technical conditions for heat treatment of large controllable atmosphere well carburizing furnace production line" drafted by Tianlong company passed the review of the National Technical Committee for heat treatment standardization. In August, 2009, two large controllable atmosphere well type carburizing furnace and controllable atmosphere hood type nitriding furnace were recognized as high-tech products in Jiangsu Province. The second phase of the company's new construction is nearly 700, and most of the mechanical impurities in use are intruded by the outside world. The 0m2 plant is about to be completed and put into use, thus laying a good foundation for the company's future development. (end)

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