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Up to now, bathroom is no longer just a place for bathing, but an extension of your life enjoyment. Now the bathroom has evolved from a simple "place of grain reincarnation" in the past to a family public space with diverse equipment and functions. Therefore, we must have a new understanding of the bathroom

up to now, the bathroom is no longer just a place for bathing, but an extension of your life enjoyment. Now the bathroom has changed from the simple “ The place of grain reincarnation ”, It has evolved into a family public space with diverse equipment and functions, so we must have a new understanding of the bathroom

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the spatial nature of the bathroom

the bathroom is a family public space with diverse equipment and multiple functions. It is also a space with high privacy requirements. It is also a bathroom and compatible with certain household activities, such as laundry, storage, etc. Its basic equipment includes washbasin, bathtub, shower nozzle, toilet, etc. Some consideration should be given to the storage of dressing, bath towels, sanitary equipment and the configuration of laundry equipment. In principle, the bathroom is an accessory unit of the home, and its area is often small, and its lighting and ventilation quality are often sacrificed in exchange for the balance of the overall layout

in terms of environment, the bathroom should have good ventilation, lighting and heating equipment. In terms of lighting, the mixed lighting mode of overall and local combination is adopted. When conditions permit, shadowless lighting is the best choice for face washing and dressing. In residence, the relationship between toilet equipment and space should be well coordinated, and the toilet equipment that is unreasonable or cannot meet the needs should be improved. The layout of the toilet should be supplemented and adjusted on the premise of ergonomics. At the same time, pay attention to local treatment and make full use of the limited space, so that the toilet can meet the needs of family members in terms of cleanliness, hygiene and work to the greatest extent

three forms of sanitary space

the plane layout of residential toilet space is closely related to climate, economic conditions, culture, living habits, family composition, equipment size and form. Therefore, there are many forms of layout, such as organizing several pieces of sanitary equipment in one space, and also separating them in several small spaces. To sum up, it can be divided into three forms: dual-use type, independent type and compromise type

independent bathroom, toilet, washroom and other independent toilets are called independent type. The advantage of the independent type is that each room can be used at the same time, especially in peak hours, it can reduce mutual interference, and each room has clear functions, which is convenient and comfortable to use. The disadvantage is that the space area is occupied and the construction cost is high

the dual-use type gathers the bathtub, washbasin, toilet and other sanitary ware in one space, which is called the dual-use type. Setting up a separate laundry room can make housework simple and efficient; The face washing room is independent from it, and its function as a dressing room becomes more clear. The washroom is located in the middle and can be used as the front room of the toilet and bathroom. The sanitary space is separated internally, and there is only one general entrance and exit, which is conducive to layout and space saving

the advantages of dual-use type are space saving, economy, simple pipeline layout, etc. The disadvantage is that when one person occupies the bathroom, it will affect the use of others; In addition, due to the small area, storage and other spaces are difficult to set up, which is not suitable for families with a large population. Generally, it is not suitable to put the washing machine in the dual-use type, because moisture such as bathing will affect the service life of the washing machine

folded medium-sized basic equipment in the sanitary space is called folded medium-sized when some independent parts are placed in one place. The advantage of folding medium size is that it saves some space relatively, and the combination is relatively free. The disadvantage is that when some sanitary facilities are set in one room, they still interfere with each other

other layout forms in addition to the above basic layout forms, there are many more flexible layout forms of sanitary space, mainly because modern people inject new concepts into sanitary space and add many new requirements. Therefore, we should not stick to rules and regulations in the decoration of the bathroom, as long as we like it and it is convenient to use it

decoration, lighting, color

decoration design reflects the style through the interface treatment of enclosed space, such as the mosaic of the ground, the division of the wall, the comparison of materials, the treatment of hand washing table, the practice of mirror and picture frame, and the design of storage cabinet. The decoration design should consider the influence of the shape and style of sanitary ware on it, and should coordinate with each other. At the same time, it should be fine in practice, especially in the connection parts between decoration and sanitary ware, such as the closing of bathtub and the treatment of side wall, the connection mode between wash hands and make-up table and basin. Fine and ingenious practices can reflect the character of bathroom

although the bathroom is small in lighting mode, the setting of light source is very rich. There are often two or three kinds of colored light and comprehensive utilization of lighting mode, which play different roles in forming different atmospheres

the color of the bathroom is coordinated with the color of the selected sanitary ware, and the material plays a great role. Generally, the color of the bathroom is dominated by warm colors. The change of material should be conducive to cleaning and consider waterproof. It is recommended to choose stone, face bricks, fire boards, etc. Wooden materials can also be used in places with high standards, such as maple, cherry, camphor, etc. It can also be embellished by the combination of art and greening to enrich the changes of color




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