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Every day, I look at the news that house prices are soaring in the news, and then look at the salary of thousands of Yuan recorded in the bank card every month. I glanced at the house of tens of thousands of yuan per square meter with horror &hellip& hellip; Baby's heart is bitter, but baby

every day, I look at the news that house prices are soaring in the news, and then look at the salary of thousands of yuan in the bank card every month. I glanced at the house of tens of thousands of yuan per square meter with fear &hellip& hellip; The baby's heart is bitter, but the baby doesn't say. The words of predecessors are always reasonable. Although the house price is high, we “ Workers “ Powerful! I bought a small snail house after a lot of trouble. Although the sparrow is small, it also has to be decorated, doesn't it? But Xiaobian wants to remind everyone here that the decoration of the working class needs to be careful! After all &hellip& hellip; There are a lot of tricky materials in the decoration, which is too much. Let's not mention it for the time being. Just give you a popular science about the five misunderstandings in the decoration of our working class, and help you save money and spend what you should spend. Myth 1: hurry to start decoration. In fact, Xiaobian can understand this mood. It's so easy to buy a house, and everyone wants to see it as soon as possible! It's best to get the key today and sleep in directly (this is the trend of decoration development in the future, building a house + decoration integration). So “ Blank room &mdash& mdash; Design drawing &mdash& mdash; Construction ” This step is the most important step to ensure the decoration effect, so don't worry. Xiaobian suggested that it is best to set aside a period of time before decoration, and consider the style design, functional use, decoration materials, decorative items, etc. environmental protection is very important. See more, ask more and compare more. For decoration companies, you should also carefully select and shop around. Myth 2: the porch is very complex. Most of us Chinese people are relatively new. Feng Shui said that we must block the door with something when entering the door, which has become a hindrance in many people's hearts. There should be a porch. In fact, it is to make it convenient for us to change shoes and clothes when we go in and out of the house. If it is complicated, it will cause trouble for ourselves. Is the wrong demonstration good? Well, it's good-looking. I believe many people will say so. Hollow partition, impermeable, and it looks elegant. However, do you know how hard people partition dirty? You know what? This kind of hollow partition, cleaning up will be tired into a dog's letter &hellip& hellip; Say you hire a nanny every three to five? Well, this article is not for local tyrants, eh &hellip& hellip; It's refreshing to correctly demonstrate this porch, without excessive carving marks, but where to hang clothes? have Where do you sit with your shoes changed? have Where to put some small things such as keys? have Porch, functional enough, too good-looking, is to add trouble to yourself

myth 3: there are too many small spaces for spotlights. If you want to have a beautiful effect, what many people think of at the first time is to install more spotlights and light bands, and use lights to render the indoor atmosphere. In fact, Xiaobian wants to tell you that this is a sinkhole! Tiankeng!! Wrong demonstration my God, are you going to hold a painting exhibition in the living room? What is this row of spotlights for? You should know that the spotlight seems to have a small wattage, but the heat accumulated on the lamp is very large, which can produce a high temperature in a short time. It is a hidden danger of fire and a great enemy of safety. Correct demonstration? Use less spotlights, which not only saves energy, but also is safer! Try to use transparent decoration design in the lighting of the living room, so that outdoor light can shine in and become a natural light source, which is pure and natural. The sunlight also has its own sterilization function, so why not? If you want emotional appeal, you can install 1-2 spotlights in some parts, but you should pay attention to the location of the spotlight. There must be no inflammables

myth 4: being different is good. Nowadays people are more in pursuit of personality, which will also be reflected in home decoration. In this way, as long as they are different, it is a good attitude. In fact, this feeling is wrong. Every human personality has different preferences. The home decoration style should be determined according to personal preferences. Xiaobian accepts the demonstration of incompetence. Who designed you? Rough, I promise you will be killed by people with dense phobia &hellip& hellip; Well, but they may not die. Their legs are sick and soft &hellip& hellip; My God, I get up in a daze every morning and feel like I fell down as soon as I hit the ground. Is this 3D painting really good in the bedroom

Xiaobian suggests that specialization is not necessarily good. You need to grasp a degree. Communicate with designers more before decoration, and express your favorite style and style. Only what you like can you live happily, right? Myth 5: install less sockets. In fact, this problem returns to the fourth problem. Many people think that a few plugs are enough. Installing more than one plug and pulling more than one wire is very expensive. In the future, you need to use an external patch panel. Of course, this idea of not keeping up with the trend is also wrong! Xiaobian suggested that with the progress of science and technology, there will be more and more electrical appliances at home. Once there are electrical appliances without plugs, it is difficult to remedy them. Use a drag line board? Several electrical appliances use one wire, and excessive power is actually very dangerous! Therefore, the power plug should be reasonably placed, and some spare parts must be reserved

in fact, there are still many annoying mistakes in home decoration. Xiaobian is just throwing a brick to attract jade. In fact, many problems can be understood by yourself as long as you think more about them! As long as you can use more heart, that's all




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