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As we all know, oak flooring is a kind of flooring with rapid market growth, and many floors are made of oak materials. Consumers are very interested in its unique texture, color and stable product performance. Next, let's take a closer look at oak

oak is commonly known as oak. Heavy, hard, slow growth, and obvious differentiation of sapwood. The texture is straight or oblique, with strong water and corrosion resistance, and high processing difficulty, but the section is smooth, wear-resistant, high bonding requirements, and good paint coloring and finishing performance. Domestic furniture manufacturers mostly use oak as raw material. So what are the advantages and disadvantages of oak? Let's get to know it right away

[advantages of oak]

oak has obvious structural characteristics, shiny, obvious growth rings, ring hole wood, beautiful and unique texture, solemn and generous chord texture, rare and elegant radial texture; It not only has its unique decoration effect, but also can match with a variety of decoration styles, and is deeply favored by the majority of consumers. Moreover, oak has high strength, beautiful texture, impact resistance and elasticity; Corrosion resistance, good adhesion, is the best wood species for flooring

[shortcomings of oak]

1) slow growth, long growth cycle (hundreds of years), and few high-quality trees

2) the cementation requirement is very high, and it is easy to crack at the joint

3) high processing difficulty and many processing defects

[choose oak to avoid Four Misunderstandings]

myth 1: when laying, lay a big core board. Some consumers like to lay a layer of big core board on the keel in order to excessively pursue the foot feeling. In fact, the quality of big core board varies greatly, and poor quality big core board will affect the paving quality of oak floor. Therefore, if consumers have to pursue high foot feel, they should choose famous brand large core board products sold in the market

Myth 2: only pay attention to purchase but not pavement. Oak flooring has direct pasting method, keel paving method and suspension paving method. No matter what paving method is adopted, we must choose a good construction team and adhere to “ Six bunks ”, That is, the wall is wet and leaky, and the ground is not dry, uneven or paved; Mixed construction without paving; Use inferior auxiliary materials without paving; The construction period is too urgent to implement the process without paving; If the product is found to have quality problems, do not shop; It is required that there is absolutely no flat color difference

myth 3: do not pay attention to daily maintenance. Some consumers believe that wood flooring products do not need to be carefully maintained. They use mops to directly mop the floor and do not pay attention to the dripping of heating water. As a result, floor products are prone to discoloration, deformation, cracks and other problems. When using wooden floors, the floor must be maintained regularly according to the requirements of the manufacturer

myth 4: solid wood flooring is not environmentally friendly. Some consumers believe that natural wood contains a certain amount of formaldehyde. In addition, multi-layer gluing between veneers, the content of formaldehyde in oak solid wood composite flooring is high, which is not environmentally friendly. In fact, as long as the formaldehyde emission of solid wood composite floor is controlled within the scope specified in the national standard, it can be used safely

conclusion: the above editor introduced the advantages and disadvantages of oak, hoping to help you. For more relevant knowledge, please continue to pay attention to the information platform




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