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With the continuous development of construction methods and function requirements, the requirements for doors, windows and curtain walls are higher and higher. As the composition of buildings, doors and windows directly affect the energy-saving function of buildings. Improving the thermal insulation function of doors and windows is the primary way to ensure the energy consumption of buildings

in order to meet the requirements of construction, the effect of hardware system skills in door and window planning is also considered from the beginning. The development planning of the hardware system should have certain adaptability and flexibility, and the "construction elements" and "human elements" should be fully considered in the planning and development process, so that its decoration, functionality, safety, rapidity and comfort should meet the requirements of the construction planning

secondly, the quality of doors and windows is determined by a series of complete quality assurance systems, so when building doors and windows to save energy, we must pay attention to the system engineering of each manufacturing link, especially to fundamentally change the contempt for hardware. Therefore, high-quality door and window hardware accessories must have the following eight characteristics. Let's have a look with guanhaomen window editor

convenient operation, single point control

standardization and serialization


strong bearing capacity

high safety

widely used

strong adaptability

8, high quality standards

finally, more importantly, the wind pressure deformation, water tightness, air tightness, thermal insulation, sound insulation, internal deformation, opening and closing, straight load, repeated opening and closing of doors and windows are related to the hardware system, The hardware system has a decisive effect on the function of doors and windows. Because of this, hardware accessories are also known as the "heart" of doors and windows





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