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With the improvement of social level, more and more people buy small houses. How will they design when facing the decoration of small houses? After buying a house, we all hope that the decoration can be perfect, so we need to consider comprehensively the design layout and some details of the house. Let's briefly introduce the decoration of small family houses

· Small family house decoration

1. Small family houses can not only have simple style

small family space can really well deduce the decoration style of modern sense, but too simple decoration style is a challenge for the accumulation of living materials. In addition, the simple style requires high quality, otherwise it looks low-grade and has no texture. It's better to add a little charm to make the space of small houses look more staggered than to control simplicity freely

2. Bright colors are not suitable for small family houses

bright colors, of course, can make the space appear open and bright, but at the same time, they also give up the privacy and sense of quality of small houses. The smaller the house type, the more straightforward it is. It gives people a glance at the small house type, and all their living habits become open. This is obviously inappropriate. Jiuzheng home network suggests that the transition with dark color can weaken the size of the space, but it appears deep and broad

3. You can't find a construction team casually for a small family house

this is the same reason that children's clothes only use less materials and have the same process. Compared with large-area space, small apartment houses not only have a lot of processes, but also require more refinement. Although the so-called sparrow is small, it is afraid of the whole internal organs. What it stresses is a delicacy. It is suggested that you must find a regular decoration company or a team with excellent quality, otherwise the room is smaller, it is easier to appear without quality, and it is difficult to repair

however, there are also some problems that need your attention in the decoration of small houses. Below, Jiuzheng home network will share some misunderstandings about the decoration of small houses. I hope you can pay attention to them:

misunderstandings 1. Small houses should be matched with bright colors. Applying bright and bright colors can make the indoor visual effect more open, but there is no sense of privacy. It can let people see through the size of the room and living habits at a glance, and it can't show the owner's unique taste. In contrast, the use of dark and transitional colors can weaken the visual sense, but make the interior more profound and spacious

misunderstanding 2. Small houses should use more bright lights. Home is a place with high privacy. If there are strong lights everywhere in our home, although the line of sight is bright and full of light, it will always make people feel nervous and afraid of having nowhere to hide. Jiuzheng home network believes that headlights can be installed above the living room, which can not only facilitate lighting, but also improve indoor taste; For the construction of daily atmosphere, you can choose scattered light sources and install more small wall lamps. In this way, you don't have to worry about the indoor space being seen at a glance anymore

the relevant information about the decoration of small houses is introduced here. I hope this article is helpful to you. If there is anything else you don't understand, you can follow us and we will answer it for you as soon as possible





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