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Modern living room furniture TONINO Lamborghini - Italian home

since 2005, TONINO Lamborghini and began to cooperate with the famous Italian luxury group formitalia to launch furniture series. Like its sports car, TONINO Lamborghini furniture continues the "TONINO Lamborghini language", full of dynamic decorative elements, unstoppable aristocratic style, the same excellent quality and high price, Unleash your domineering and wild spirit

TONINO Lamborghini furniture inherits the enthusiasm of Italy and the boldness of ancient Rome. The brand insists on high-quality calf leather, which is soft, breathable and thick. In design, the furniture lines imitate the curve of sports car design, and can't hide the dynamic vitality under its calm appearance. The comfortable car seat style, even with some stainless steel accessories, also comes from the family brilliance and rich cultural connotation of TONINO Lamborghini sports car

tonino Lamborghini is the second generation head of TONINO Lamborghini. He has taken over his father's legendary family business since 1981 and began to promote the diversified development of the enterprise. On the basis of inheriting history and family characteristics, TONINO gradually brought Lamborghini into a more prestigious ranks. TONINO Lamborghini founded the luxury brand around TONINO Lamborghini in its own name, and ceramic tile is one of them

the uncompromising spirit, the originality and design of Italian style combined with the global cognition of the brand have achieved the value of Lamborghini brand. The vision of the company is to create unique products and transmit the passion of Italy to the global market




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