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During the peak decoration season in autumn and winter, many families hope to live in new houses before the end of the year. However, the fact is not optimistic. Many of them should have been completed, but the completion time is far away for various reasons. Decoration delays often occur. Decoration delay refers to that the decoration construction personnel exceed the completion date specified in the decoration contract signed by the decoration company and the residents, resulting in the residents' failure to receive their houses within the specified time. These phenomena are mostly caused by improper process arrangement, unreasonable decoration scheme, construction technology problems and other factors

autumn and winter are the peak season for decoration, and there are many decorators. Decoration companies take over projects one by one. Many owners who are ready to move into their new homes before the Spring Festival have begun to count their fingers and dates to ensure that they can check in their new houses on time. However, the decoration delay is indeed a common phenomenon, and the impact of the decoration delay is unbearable for the owners in terms of time, economy and spirit. Now let's take a look at the common reasons for the delay of decoration. Only knowing these reasons, we may be able to avoid many detours and unnecessary troubles

common reasons for decoration delay

reasons for delay 1: unreasonable process arrangement or worker deployment

decoration is a relatively complex project, which requires the integration of a variety of resources, so as to realize the integration of design, construction and home configuration. In this process, the things that need to be done are trivial and complex, which requires the decoration company to have excellent management ability. Many decoration delay projects stem from many home decoration companies' one-sided pursuit of orders without a reasonable analysis of their scheduling ability for construction, installation, etc., which finally leads to the disconnection of many projects from the agreement in the implementation

reason for delay 2: the decoration scheme keeps changing

after the construction starts, the continuous change of the decoration design scheme is also a major reason for the decoration delay. Among them, some changes are not confirmed clearly by the owner in the early stage, and they are not required to be changed until after construction; There may also be decoration companies to increase the budget, designers or construction teams for various reasons

reason for delay 3: the main materials failed to enter the site on time

now many owners choose the decoration method of half package. The decoration company is responsible for the construction and basic auxiliary materials, while the main materials need to be purchased by the owners themselves. If the main materials are not mobilized on time, the construction time may have to be postponed. In addition, the decoration workers may continue to delay the construction period due to the disruption of the schedule

reason for delay 4: the acceptance is not on time or the project payment is not settled in time

in the decoration, some projects such as hydropower projects need the owner to conduct acceptance before the next construction. Many times, because the owner is very busy, he has no way to go to the site to sign for confirmation during the acceptance, so the acceptance time will be postponed; In addition, the payment method of some decoration projects is installment payment. If the owner fails to settle the phased project payment in time, the construction may be suspended, resulting in the delay of decoration

reason for delay 5: rework caused by unqualified construction quality

in the decoration, the owner found that the construction party shoddy, and will require rectification when the acceptance is unqualified. Therefore, it will inevitably cause time delay and affect other processes or types of work

winter decoration delay handover avoidance measures

1. The decoration handover schedule cannot be less

now everyone knows to find a regular decoration company for decoration, so we will definitely sign the decoration contract. When signing the contract with the decoration company, we should pay attention to the above handover schedule, which is very important to avoid delay handover. In addition to requiring the decoration company to list the project progress in detail, It is also necessary to agree on the liability for breach of contract for overtime, and increase the delay liquidated damages of the decoration company to more than 1% of the total amount per day, so as to protect our own rights and interests to the greatest extent. At the same time, there are great restrictions on the delivery time of the decoration company. The decoration company will try its best to keep up with the construction process to ensure that the delivery is not delayed

2. The decoration material description sheet should be detailed

the decoration contract signed by the owner and the decoration company will include a material description sheet, which will indicate in detail the brand, specification, quality grade and quantity of the required materials. Don't underestimate this thing, which can be related to the quality of your own furniture house decoration. When you inspect the house after decoration, you should check and accept it against this list, Those who meet the requirements can sign to confirm the acceptance, and those who do not meet the requirements should refuse to sign until they are negotiated with the decoration company. If there is no such list, some bad decoration companies will shoddy, so even if the house has not been delayed, the quality level has been different

3. The acceptance of concealed works should be careful

the concealed works of home decoration must be accepted before sealing. Among them, the pipeline works include electrical circuits, water supply and drainage, gas pipelines, air conditioning systems, etc., and the structural works include the internal structures used to fix and support the load of the house, specifically including waterways, circuits, waterproofing, etc., which should be participated in by the owner, the project supervisor, and the person in charge of construction. The construction can continue after the acceptance is qualified and signed, The inspection must be careful. It is best to find a third-party supervisor of the person in charge. After all, professionals can find problems that they cannot find faster. The acceptance of concealed works should be timely, so as not to delay the later construction process and affect the handover time

4. Don't forget the warranty agreement

after the completion acceptance of the house decoration, the decoration company will settle the final payment of the project. In order to avoid the miscalculation of additional items and missing items, the owner should measure and verify the increase and decrease items in the decoration process during the acceptance, take out the decoration contract and drawings to check carefully, check whether the signed construction project is completed and whether the design reaches the expected effect. After the acceptance, The owner also has to sign a warranty agreement with the home decoration company. Recently, the news of defects after the house decoration frequently appears in the newspapers. The warranty agreement can't be left unsigned, which is also a late guarantee for the quality of home decoration

act in accordance with the contract

if the decoration delay is caused by the decoration company, the owner should act in accordance with the contract and strive for his own legitimate rights and interests

the contract specifies the compensation for decoration delay: if the contract signed for decoration indicates the specific amount of breach of contract and detailed rules, it shall be implemented in strict accordance with the contract

the contract does not specify the compensation for decoration delay: when the decoration company signs the contract with the owner, sometimes it often deliberately ignores the decoration delay. If there is a delay, the decoration company may deny it and will not pay compensation. However, this situation can also be solved through negotiation, third-party adjustment or litigation

supplementary contract: for the foreseeable decoration delay, if it is determined that the construction period is delayed due to the construction party, and there is no delay breach clause in the contract, the owner can make up for it and sign a supplementary contract to add the delay compensation clause

editor's summary: therefore, when choosing a house decoration company, we need to choose a professional and reputable decoration company, specify the decoration date when signing the decoration contract, and make clear provisions for the possible decoration delay





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