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Since 1992, customized furniture has been introduced into China. With the rapid development of customized furniture, Sofia, Europa, Shangpin and many other single category customized brands have also been listed. With the change of business model

customized furniture has been introduced into China since 1992. With the rapid development of customized furniture, Sofia, Europa, Shangpin and many other single category customized brands have also been listed. With the change of business model, many brands began to expand cabinets, system cabinets, tatami and other functional cabinets. In 2017, after many brands upgraded to customized furniture, there was a large-scale reshuffle. Although there is a reshuffle, the future building materials market is still a blue ocean, because there is still a big gap between more service guarantees and quality. The next blue ocean will also be launched in the word-of-mouth market

As one of the top ten brands of whole house customization, Komi always takes "real customization, real environmental protection" as the core concept. In 2018, it has brought a reassuring home experience to hundreds of millions of customers around the world

the company set up the "golden Omer product center" in Milan, Italy, in 2005 to study and explore the balance between customer experience and applicability, and ensure the originality and beauty of product design. At the same time, Jin Oumi created a domestic precedent of "Deconstruction and assembly process", completely overturned the production process of Chinese traditional wooden doors, realized the standardized production of components in the wooden door industry, controlled the stability of product quality from the source, and improved the efficiency of product delivery

jinoumi technology research and development center has hired German wood products process experts as guides all year round, so that the product process is mature, stable and innovative, and then extract higher quality products and more humanized functions. Nowadays, golden Oumi products are widely used in home furnishing, SOHO, government agencies, hotels, banks and other industries, meeting the different functional needs of various fields of society. Up to now, the company has nearly 600 franchised stores in the country, and its products are well-known at home and abroad. The enterprise has been investigated and recognized by Yu Zhensheng, Luo Qingquan, Phoenix TV host Wu Xiaoli, writer Chi Li and other social celebrities

the company has established a sub state production base in Tongshan, Hubei Province. The plant covers an area of more than 400 mu, and has more than 20 production lines for customized furniture of fully imported wooden doors. The annual production capacity of wooden doors reaches 1million sets, with an annual output value of more than 1billion yuan. At present, there are more than 600 employees and more than 70 technical and senior management teams. It has passed ISO9001:2000 quality system and ISO14001 environmental protection system certification. The products are exported to many countries and regions in the Middle East, North America, Western Europe and Southeast Asia

komi brand strength

1. 100% Italian original design: Italian golden OMI design center

all products of golden OMI originate from Italian original design and are formed by combining China's 5000 year cultural heritage. Therefore, when you choose golden OMI wooden doors, you choose the most fashionable and classic lifestyle at present

2. 100% German process Manufacturing: German jinoumi process research and development center

all products of jinoumi are carefully arranged by famous German process experts and produced with advanced imported equipment, meeting the environmental protection production requirements of the European Union

3. 100% foreign design and technology +100% made in China, with high production efficiency, low cost and high cost performance price advantage

professional and high-quality services and modern and simple products have further consolidated the position of Komi's top ten brands. The whole house is customized, and I prefer Komi




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