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An important problem to face in decorating the basement of the home is moisture-proof. The closed basement space and poor air circulation are easy to lead to excessive moisture in the air, which is more serious in rainy days. Targeted moisture-proof treatment is required during decoration, so how to prevent moisture in basement decoration, the editor of Wuhan home decoration network will tell you below

1. Use moisture-proof materials for floor decoration. Moisture-proof materials are not only cheap, convenient for construction, short construction period, but also very environmentally friendly and effective

2. Speed up the air flow. Ventilation equipment, such as exhaust fans, can be installed at appropriate positions to speed up the air flow in the basement

3. Hang desiccants. Hang some desiccants with strong adsorption in the basement. The most common is activated carbon bags. You can also sprinkle some desiccants on some corners and floors that are prone to moisture. You can break camphor balls and sprinkle them there with activated carbon powder to remove moisture, but you must replace the desiccants every other period of time

4. If the basement area is not large, a dehumidifier can be placed in the basement, and the moisture-proof effect is still very obvious

5. Installing floor heating in the basement can also play a role in moisture removal

6. Check whether there are cracks or damp spots on the basement wall or ground. If there are cracks and places prone to moisture aging, it is best to shovel off the moldy and damp aging wall, with the shovel area slightly wider than the aging area, and then brush the sealing paint again

moisture proof is a problem that cannot be ignored in basement decoration. The above is part of the moisture-proof methods compiled by Xiaobian for everyone. At the same time, it should be noted that green plants should not be planted in the basement as far as possible

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