Benjamin Law resigns from Sydney Festival board am

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Benjamin Law resigns from Sydney Festival board amid review into Israeli sponsorship - Today News Post News Today || Headlines Today

He took to social media on Saturday, saying?his resignation was an act of his alone, and that he was sorry for the position artists were put in.

“While I can’t speak for the board or the festivals general population. Canada, I am personally sorry to Sydney festival artists and arts workers that you were put in a position where you may have had to choose between your work and values, or thrust into conversations for which you may have felt unprepared,” Law said in a long statement.

“Many of you were confronted with a lose-lose proposition. On one hand: perform and be criticised for apparently standing alongside a foreign government whose money you never touched. On the other: withdraw and lose vital work in a period that has been shattering for you and the entire arts community.”

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