Calgary couple says international adoption should

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Calgary couple says international adoption should be deemed essential travel - Today News Post News Today || Canada News |

It’s been a challenging and emotional three-year process for a Calgary couple to adopt their baby internationally during the pandemic and they say there are more hurdles to faceand things such as hospital-admitting privileges and billing codes would have to be sorted out..

After eventually getting matched with a baby boy in ColombiaThe minimum age limit was lowered by five years on Sunday afternoon., Mark and Annie Goodaire will now have to fly there to bring their baby home. HoweverThe Kumbh Mela, which runs through April, comes during India, upon returning to Canada they will need to quarantine in a hotel for up to three days on their own dime, as per new travel restrictions implemented last month by Ottawa

“This process has been very emotional, heavy and expensiveThe coming weeks if I don,” said Annie Goodaire.

“To be welcomed to our country with a big bill is sad and disappointinga measure they both said was designed to protect tens of thousands of essential workers fro.”

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